TEC schools partner with industries, governments and non-governmental organizations to ensure student outcomes are aligned with local community needs. Such coalitions create opportunities for schools and partners to help one another toward the goal of providing graduates good jobs.

TEC’s industry partners are integral to the program’s success. They provide workplace learning opportunities for students, assist with cost-sharing for school expenses and provide paid internships or part-time work to students facing financial constraints. Businesses also are expected to hire a percentage of TEC graduates. 

By joining TEC, industries can:
  • Improve their community’s education system
  • Strengthen their pipeline of skilled technical workers
  • Develop better relationships with other local partners
Collaboration with governments and non-governmental organizations also is important to TEC. Such entities can influence how schools serve underrepresented groups of students, such as women, and be an advocate for them in the community.

Partners expand TEC’s reach to close the global skills gap, create positive impact in communities and provide ample opportunities to students.