Meet Mert

This story is based on interviews with Mert, a 21-year-old TEC student from Izmir, Turkey. It is written from his perspective.
I’m 21 years old and am enrolled in Cummins’ TEC program at Ege University in Izmir, Turkey. I became interested in the technical industry by taking electronics classes in high school. That is the only technical background I had before enrolling in TEC.
My family is my main motivation in life. Growing up I was the primary care taker for my ailing mother during the eight years she suffered from Alzheimers. The illness was detected when I was in high school, which meant I had to juggle my school work while taking care of her. It was hard, but I wouldn’t trade those memories for anything.
My family has also fueled my desire to work in a technical career. Both my father and older brother left school early to work and have encouraged me to get an education so I’ll have a stable future. My family can only support me through encouragement since my lessons are difficult. I’ve succeeded my whole live by learning and studying hard in school. The two of them, my father and brother, are my biggest advocates and give me the confidence to continue. My family believes in me and will support me in whatever I do. I can feel their support and that’s all the encouragement I need.

“My family believes in me and will support me in whatever I do. I can feel their support and it encourages me.” 

I’m currently in my third year studying mechatronics and I think I’ll have all the skills I need to get a job in the industry once I graduate. This past summer I participated in an internship with Cummins at its facility in Izmir and I learned a lot about what it’s actually like to work in a technical environment. I am really interested in the opportunity to start working in an entry level role at a factory. I know I’ll be starting at the bottom, but I’ll have the opportunity to advance into a management position by developing my skills.
To have a job in the technical field is an opportunity that will totally change my future. People with technical knowledge know how to approach problems and are skilled at finding solutions. We need that mindset in all areas of life.
The investments that have been made in the TEC program, the interest shown in our development and the potential job opportunities make me confident in my future. In spite of the difficulties I have experienced, I believe that everything will go well. I am lucky to be in TEC. When I become successful and I get a good job, I’m sure my mother will be proud of me and will be watching me from wherever she is.