Cummins has always recognized that our company is only as strong as the communities where our employees live and work. The power of that connection is ever present in TEC, an education initiative dedicated to expanding technical employment opportunities for disadvantaged students in Cummins’ communities. 

The quickest way to grasp the impact of TEC is to listen to the students involved in the program. For many students, access to a technical education can be the catalyst they need to get a good job that will support them and their families for years to come. 

For Jumbo Jeremiah Inyang, a 21-year-old living in Lagos, Nigeria, TEC provided him an opportunity to renew his education after enrolling in the Electrotechnics program at the Institute for Industrial Technology (IIT), TEC’s partner school in Lagos, in 2014. Since joining the school he has received training focused on engine fundamentals, electricity, soft skills and health and safety. 

“IIT really transformed his life in terms of his knowledge,” said Jumbo’s father, Iboro Inyang. 

While students learn all about the technical aspects required for a job in the field, they also learn valuable soft skills. “They’ve taught me how to work as a team and how to appreciate everyone’s individual strengths,” said Jumbo.
Since the filming of this video, Jumbo has graduated from the TEC program and is working as an apprentice for Cummins West Africa Ltd.

Jumbo with Mary Chandler, Cummins' Vice President - Community Relations and Corporate Responsibility, at Jumbo's graduation on Nov. 18, 2016. 

Jumbo and his fellow classmates represent one of TEC’s 18 sites that are operating around the world.