TEC’s curriculum couples core, foundational knowledge with practical skills tailored to meet local market needs. TEC emphasizes hands-on development and soft skills training, which greatly impact job performance, retention and employer and employee satisfaction.

TEC Managers work with teachers and industry partners to ensure they are fully equipped with the following components of TEC’s curriculum, where there are gaps:
  • Basic Literacy, Numeracy and Computer Skills
  • Health, Safety and Environmental Awareness
  • Basic Electricity 
  • Hand Tools and Machine Tools
  • Mechanical Systems Awareness
  • Measurement Devices
  • Print Reading
  • Preventive Maintenance 
  • Fluid Power Awareness
  • Diesel Engine Fundamentals (Elective)
  • Power Generation Fundamentals (Elective)
  • Manufacturing Fundamentals (Elective)
  • Local Business Language
Organizational and Soft Skills, which include interpersonal communications, teamwork and problem-solving are also integrated into the school’s curriculum. TEC also provides schools an evaluation form, to be completed by students, to ensure the program’s curriculum, teachers and trainers are keeping pace with their needs and expectations.